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About us
Hi ! My name is Andrea and I am the owner of Hotel Stella Maris. What I love most about life, is diversity and colours. All my travels have  inspired me with colorful ideas, images and emotions. And with this spirit,  I run the hotel with my wife Marize and our children Meiry, Yannick, Natan and Green. My wife is Brazilian,  therefore also my family is coloured, as every corner of Stella Maris Hotel is..  Tables are not rigorously set up and you can expect to see children running around and having fun. At our restaurant there’s no dress code because what really matters to us is freedom , not rules.
If  you are looking for tranquillity, our hotel is not the right place and I think you should know this. On the other hand,  if you are like us, free spirits, looking for sun ,fun, laughter and adventure , get your swimsuit ready and dive into  our Brazilian/ Italian oasis.
Un abrazo Andrea

The building I’ve recently refurbished,  offers plenty of design and technology full service. As an artist ,I have certainly tried to breach a kind of language that impresses all the admirers from every point of view.There is also a  private seaside swimming pool and two parking lots.